Dubai heat means lots of time indoors to keep track of the markets…

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And here’s my big Federal Reserve takeaway:

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Paul Mampilly Twitter

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Here’s the good news.

While our stocks have been hit first, in truth the old-line companies will feel interest rate hikes the most.

Their America 1.0 stocks are supported by unsustainable buybacks and dividends funded by debt issued at low interest rates.

The bigger the break, the bigger the washout, the more sustained and prolonged the bull market that comes after.

That’s because stock concentrates at low prices in the hands of people who will not sell just because of volatility and uncertainty.

They are the Strong Hands.

They are YOU.

And I fully, unapologetically, 100% believe that you’ll come out on top. And win BIG.

#BOP (bullish, optimistic, positive)!

I’ll be back with your regular YouTube video updates soon! I’m on the last leg of my trip. Can you guess my last stop before home?

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Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

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