DISCLAIMER:We kept these emails exactly the way we got them, modifying only the names for privacy. You will notice that in some of them, our readers called us “advisors”. We want to make it clear that we are not financial advisors. We do not take your money nor manage it for you. We are idea providers. The ultimate investment decisions are up to you.

Strong hands in 2021.

Wild year. Thanks for your rewarding stock picks. Using Profits Unlimited and True Momentum, my portfolio rose 99% from 500k to 997k at year end 2020. My dream of buying a BMW Z4 roadster has been realized thanks to you and your team. Strong hands in 2021.

– Fred A.

Hello Paul and Team,

Just wanted to say thank you for all the recommendations and investment knowledge. I signed up with Profits unlimited in 2019 and could not be happier. I have doubled my investments since that time. Your videos are a joy to watch. You are doing a great thing and it is truly appreciated!

– Paul from Michigan

Thank you for being a trusted mentor!

Paul, just have to let you know that you’re the greatest whether the market is up or down. I am a 50-year member of the Florida Bar and about seven years ago, gave up using brokers whose results were often very disappointing. Subscribed to your Profits Unlimited about that time and have made so much money you would not believe me if I told you. I understand very little about the market and could never have done so well without your guidance. I admire your passion for what you do and respect your integrity, and most of all, I depend upon your consistent expertise which is assured by your intellect, your research, your seemingly innate and learned knowledge of the system. So happy to see that you are still “strong hands” as I have not sold anything in this down market. I think so highly of you that this note may “sound” like a planted one but it is not. I am a woman and I am old. I am a professional and understand what it takes to have “strong hands” and to be given a chance at generational wealth.

– Carol A.

Past, Current and Future member of your service

Dear Paul, I wanted to thank you for your insightful and thoughtful analysis of your model portfolio. I have worked at various Investment Banks and Hedge funds over the last 20 years and your approach and picks have been very successful for me. I review your brilliant thesis that you supply and weigh that against current allocations and or sector investments I may already have. What I have learned in my experience is similar to your own. Over time, the market is quite optimistic and stocks soar without much warning and only receive fanfare when they have already have very significant moves. Your strategy allows me to get some visibility on opportunities that I may have otherwise overlooked. I realize you are not a value fund, and MOST of the value hedge funds I have had access to, over time (4-5 years), have lost most of their AUM for a variety of reasons. It's a very difficult strategy to get right. Growth = Bull Market and I thank you for all your efforts. I enjoy very much listening to your perspective and know that you are indeed an excellent company picker. Thanks Again and Best Regards.

– Robert M.

Nobody can predict the future but you have such a great vision!

Hi Paul and team, I am a member of Profits Unlimited since April 2020 I was +150% at the peak in February which was great (now i am at +90% and I am strong hands. I am utilizing this time to see what else is good to buy or add/ reinforce.  so I am  very very happy with the results so far. I have no complaints about your services. Everything you say makes so much sense to me and basically, for me you are always right. Nobody can predict the future but you have such a great vision! and I trust you completely knowing that at the end of the day whatever I do is my decision and my entire responsibility of course, But I LOVE to have you as my reference or main guidance. ...With so many services in the market offering the moon,  I feel blessed That I chose you. I Love your honesty and simplicity.

– Carla U.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU

Your guidance and above all sincere desire to make sure the little guys on the street (Wall Street that is) to  get the same advantage (and then some) that the "big guys" of Wall Street get is appreciated beyond any words of mine (or anyone for that matter) can express. The performance of your True Momentum, Extreme Fortune and other portfolios under your leadership speak volume for just a fraction of my appreciation as expressed.  You genuinely have redefined the term " Good Karma ". May all the fortune you have brought to so many of your followers be returned back to you a billion times more as I am sure that is the case. Thank you again and Kindest Regards,

– Addi J.

My portfolio is up over 150% during this time

I am a lifetime member since early 2017. I Have an MBA in Finance and was a Controller for a medium size company for 30+ years. I did my my own stock investing all that time with average results. While I understood all the financial ratios and metrics, what I didn’t know was the practical ins and outs of the market that you and your team provide. Your “rules of the road” are excellent. I watch your weekly updates regularly. I am so grateful for you and your teams great advice. It is knowledge I wish I had learned earlier but “never to late to learn”. Thanks again for your professional and courteous service!

– John K.

What I really like about you guys is that you are humble, honest, BULLISH,  OPTIMISTIC, AND POSITIVE!

Hello Paul, First off, I don't write reviews and I'd rather consider this message as showing my appreciation. It's been due. I've been following your recommendations since May 2020 when I subscribed to your Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited services. It took me nearly a year of research to find the advisor, YOU,  I could trust with my money. I lost my job in March 2020 due to the Pandemic and I haven't been working ever since. I started out with $10,000 and when I realized that your recommendations working out very well I invested more and more, (almost) always following the rules of the game. :-)  Right now my investment accounts have about $130,000 invested in and keep growing. 50 positions in stocks, many options, and cryptos. 120% growth in less than 10 months! I subscribed to Rebound Profits Trader just recently and I will keep adding more of your services as my accounts grow. You, Amber, Ian, Tamara, Patrick and Alex (I hope I didn't forget about anybody) do an "AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, PHENOMENAL" job by helping main street people, like myself make money. The amount of information and details of your researches opened a whole new world to me. I had no idea that this much was happening in the US when it comes to companies, trends, and innovations, essentially our future. I look forward to your analyses, videos, discussions, and ideas every single week. So a huge thank you all!! However, what I really like about you guys is that you are humble, honest, BULLISH,  OPTIMISTIC, AND POSITIVE! You give me much needed good vibes! How can I have the hoodies you wear???

– Laszlo G.

You ROCK!!

I have been a subscriber for about 2 years and have learned so much. I have tried to follow the rules of the game, though I haven't always been faithful to the rules. But nonetheless, I have always been "strong hands". It's not easy, but I understand that strong hands are necessary. On 10-25-21, several of my stocks rebounded big time and I was so glad I kept holding. (Thank you TESLA.) Biggest one day gain yet for me. I love all the information that you provide. It has helped me stay strong hands. Don't let the naysayers get to you, because you are a very special person, and I hope you know how much most of your subscribers need and appreciate your knowledge. I never post anything, but I just couldn't stand back anymore hearing some of the recent 'spicy' comments. Thank you so much, you are a blessing..

– Diane M.

Since finding you my portfolio is over 1 million.

I want this to get to Paul Mampilly.  I started Profits unlimited in the fall of 2016. I started with 134k.  A couple of years ago I got into True Momentum. Since finding you my portfolio is over 1million. I have been telling friends and coworkers about your service. You have helped so many people out in how to invest. Rules of the game. I praise God for the profits that I have. I Thank you for being a genuine honest person. that is hard to find N the business world of the stock market. Your whole team is absolutely amazing and wonderful. Thank you Amber and Ian. Thank you for all your hard work. Peace

– Chuck P.

Thank you for sharing your passion and expertise

I just want to say thank you for offering a service that provides well researched stocks for common folks like me to invest in. I've always been very cautious in choosing stocks, and you've provided an excellent platform for folks like me to look at your picks and decide for ourselves, which is what you clearly state for us to do. I realize that every stock cannot take off, but every stock I've added to my portfolio has a solid assessment made by you and your company that I trust. My trust is based on watching your videos and reading your materials for over a year before I decided to give your offerings a try. I read your very detailed and well explained reasons or choosing your stock recommendations and gave it a try. I have particularly appreciated your "strong hands" slogan, because of your understanding and vast experience. I just want to say thank you for sharing your passion and expertise with us common folks. The stocks I've chosen, with your guidance, but my choice in the end, have doubled my overall portfolio in a little over two years. That beats the heck out of any interest one can get anywhere else. I'm sorry that you have to deal with all the blame from people who don't necessarily follow your directions in telling us to diversify within your recommendations and be willing to give the investments 1 to 3 years, not 1 to 3 weeks or months. It's still a little scary investing in the market, but you and your staff have provided the expertise that allows me to choose from stocks that have been vetted very thoroughly with high standards.

– Clifton D.

Paul, Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!!!

I gave up on other newsletters last year and invest following the Rules of the Road and am BOP.  I currently have 24 positions and my account has grown from $ 35,000 to $ 98,800 today (1-12-21).  I have also withdrawn $ 32,000 for some trips and improvements to our house.  You are the only advisor who says to make money and enjoy it. Thanks again.

– Spencer S.